my self.image:

We’ve got all the talents and skills to lead a successful and happy life within us. We are responsible for ourselves and should have the courage and self-consciousness to truly take on this responsibility.

my values:

For me it is about living individual effectiveness of one’s own being: in perception,
partnership, enthusiasm, freedom and meaning.

my story:

I was born as the eldest of three siblings in Allgäu, Germany and spent my youth there. After graduating from high school, I was drawn to Paris as an au-pair, to experience new cultures and peoples and to get to know myself better. It was a year full of excitement, great experiences and freedom, after which followed my studies as an industrial engineer in Karlsruhe and Stockholm. For now twenty years have I found a home in the wonderful city of Hamburg.


From my childhood on, I loved to take care of others, be there for them and courageously going my own way. I still remember a conversation at the dinner table, in which my ten-year-old self made it clear to my parents, that there is only one way for me: High school and university and that I was vehemently against the idea of going to girl’s secondary school.


So I set the course for my career very early on and, as an industrial engineer, developed into a successful manager right up to upper management – always with the goal of getting to the very peak, to the top management.

I was valued for my great responsibility and passion as well as my ability to excite people and to accompany them in an inspiring way. I loved my job more than anything and even more loved the wonderful people I had the honor to work with. I underlined my joy in the development of personalities with various coaching and consultant trainings.


My job was my life, making my time for my family, friends and myself – as a person outside of my professional role – increasingly scarce. But I was so caught up in it, that I didn’t realize that I was living dangerously close the edge: I, the strong woman, who always had an open ear, who was superb in managing and for whom there was no challenge to big. It was as if I was on a never-ending marathon – weary and tired on the one hand and in a rush of endorphins on the other. On this way of mine, I was cheered on by the people around me and these spikes of motivation made me run and run and run – and then I decided to change something.


I wanted more: to be myself more, to better perceive myself and my environment and evolve myself with all my potential towards a personality that I really wanted to be.

This new perspective of looking at myself and (re)discovering myself with all my abilities, talents and desires was a wonderful experience. I felt how my tensions were released and my restlessness turned into inner peace and serenity. I also became able to break through my tunnel-vision and to think clearly again with an alert and curious mind. I felt truly refreshed and full of new energy – a feeling I hadn’t known for years.


I met a lot of beautiful people, who inspired me – not only in my job, but also on travels to different countries and cultures, like for example Cambodia.


I am very grateful for my path as a successful leader and I realized that I wanted to share these experiences with other people and pass them on.

We need more role models and courageous people who go their own way, evolve themselves and inspire and enthuse others in the process. Only if we take good care of ourselves, we can also take good care of others – with a lot of empathy, clarity and joy. I want to give impulses and be a role model towards having the courage to put yourself more into the spotlight of your own perception – towards more serenity, vitality and clarity in life.


It is my passion to guide people with levity into realizing their own potential, to discover their authentic self and make it shine with ease.

Life is full of surprises and opportunities, we just need to consciously perceive them. This perceptiveness enables us to purposeful being and action – for a happy and successful life.